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 Reg+ acceptance and denial info

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PostSubject: Reg+ acceptance and denial info   Fri Feb 09, 2007 8:24 am

For a member to get accepted here is what they need to pass:

No infraction/s within the last 30 days. (warnings are okay, but if they recieved points through an infraction then thats not.)
Must be a member for at least 30 days.
Must have at least 15 good threads. (They can not be threads where they are asking questions or stating the obvious. They need to be helpful or useful for other members.) The more good threads the more chance of being accepted.
If they have no warnings but, most of their posts/threads are very similiar in nature eg. short/spammy/flame/not useful/begging then they will not be accepted.
The amount of posts they require depends on the quality of their posts. eg. if 100% of posts are really good then they may only need 30-40 posts to proove themselves. If 50% of their posts are not useful and close to breaking the rules, they may need over 300 posts to proove they are finally showing they are worth being accepted. All the above rules still need to apply.
The reg+ section is a priviledge and not everyone will be accepted. People who apply without trying to meet the above will be placed on a blacklist for 2 months.

Current Blacklist:
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Reg+ acceptance and denial info
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